BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterLua/Util: add SetGlobal(), GetTable(), SetTable()Max Kellermann27 hours
v6.8.xMakefile: move "--no-warn-mismatch" to TARGET_ARCHMax Kellermann2 weeks
v7.0_preview10commit 2d1142f3db...Max Kellermann7 months
v6.8.7commit ad8f544207...Max Kellermann7 months
v7.0_preview9commit a8ac4d29d2...Max Kellermann8 months
v7.0_preview8commit cd7e0cc7a3...Max Kellermann8 months
v6.8.6commit 84814c5e7e...Max Kellermann8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
27 hoursLua/Util: add SetGlobal(), GetTable(), SetTable()HEADmasterMax Kellermann3-14/+35
27 hoursLua/Util: add Lambda overloadMax Kellermann1-0/+35
27 hoursLua/Util: add struct CClosureMax Kellermann1-0/+23
27 hoursLua/Util: add std::tuple overloadMax Kellermann1-0/+27
27 hoursLua/Util: add struct StackIndexMax Kellermann3-10/+21
27 hoursLua/Assert: new debug libraryMax Kellermann2-0/+79
27 hoursLua/Util: rename to *.hxx and indent with tabsMax Kellermann18-39/+39
27 hoursLua/Util: relicense to BSD-2Max Kellermann1-21/+27
8 daysUtil/Cache: add struct Pair, use class Manual only onceMax Kellermann1-11/+24
8 daysUtil/Cache: split maximum size and table sizeMax Kellermann2-5/+10